About Us

Empowering small business to compete alongside mega corporations with the marketing budget of a start-up


We started as a small company and are now a global contender


Where we came from

TDJ Global Marketing takes its roots from DeNicola LLC, a company formed in 2006 by Tony DeNicola. DeNicola LLC stared out as a website design company with Tony as its sole employee. Over the years the company had grown to include other services including Kiosk development. Software development, and lead generation.

Coming into 2017, Tony decided he wanted to take his company to the next level. He had done this for other companies and thought it was time he were to do this with DeNicola LLC. This year was going to be a rebranding and expansion of DeNicola LLC.

What Tony hadn’t anticipated was an opportunity which would come his way over the summer. Tony had previously spent some time working for a marketing company in the past and still used them as a model for the SEO and PPC that he had offered his current customers. In the summer of 2017 Tony was givin the opportunity of acquiring this company and making them part of his own. This was a much bigger opportunity and expansion that Tony had expected to be doing in 2017. By adding the additional employees who already had been working together and had the PPC, SEO, and other marking skills in their skill bucket, it would definitely take DeNicola LLC to the next level of service for his customers.

But something that big needed to have a better representation than “DeNicola LLC” as a company name. Through the summer and fall months, DeNicola LLC started to go through a rebranding stage. The new brand would become “TDJ Global Marketing LLC”. Along with the new name comes an avenue of new services that are offered to our customers.


Our core beliefs

Our company exists because of our customers. We believe in putting the customers’ best interest before our own, whether it be a visual image on a website or how and when they spend money on PPC marketing.

While we would also love to follow the belief that the customer is always right, we know that if the customer knew everything about internet marketing and website design, they would not need us. Our customers come to us because of our knowledge and expertise in doing what we do best….internet marketing.

Our strategy is to work with the customer to build a support package that will grow their business. By listening to our customers’ needs and matching them with our employee skills, we can offer a solution that will take our customer in the direction they are looking to go.

TDJ created a website for New Song Community Church approximately two years ago. Not only did they create the site, they had to train someone to maintain it through the day to day additions, deletions, etc.

They have done this effectively, patiently and cheerfully! Despite all the questions and my not having a clue as to what I was doing, they brought us through it.

Thank you for your never ending patience and expertise!

A little over a year ago we decided to upgrade our site again as we were growing and needed more features. Tony used a new version of WordPress that had many features and plugins that we could use for the requested new and important features. Once again working with Tony on this new project was a smooth process with answers to our questions continuing to be accurate and timely. Whether it was the ability to allow our members to pay their dues on line, find the contact person for the service they require or view the most important story of the day it is all there and when they leave for the summer they can receive their copy of our Voice newsletter by email.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was working with TDJ. Tony DeNicola was very easy to work with, asked a lot of great questions and suggested features that could be used to increase sales and make our site much more user friendly. Service after the sale is very important to me, this company far exceeded my expectations in this area. Not only do I get a fast response changes were made promptly.

I have worked with other website development companies in the past, by far TDJ is the best and has me as a life long customer. Their prices are very affordable, and their work is superior.