These are the things we love to do



The web starts here

It all starts with your website. Whether you already have a website that needs a facelift or you are starting fresh and need a website developed for you, our staff will get your company or organization up and running online in no time. We utilize WordPress for our content management platform, this means your website will always be up-to-date with the most recent security patches and plugins.



Digital and Print Design

Our graphic designers can create anything we throw at them. Logos and website graphics are not the only things this group does. They also specialize in promotional videos as well as print design. When they are not working on content for our website team they can usually be found creating flyers, post cards, or any other promotional material that our customers need.



Getting you noticed on the World Wide Web

Search Engine Optimization is an art in itself. We start out by getting a list of keywords you would like to be found under on the internet. Next our SEO team researches each of those keywords and does their magic calculations. With this information they come up with their game plan to get you on the front page of the organic search engine listings.


If you don’t have time to wait on Search Engine Optimization or if you just need to get your listing at the very top of the search engine's page quickly, Pay Per Click can get you there. Our PPC team constantly monitors all the keywords that you are marketing on to make sure you are getting the best price per click to your website.


Getting targeted leads is what Lead Generation is about. We work with many outside companies that market specific types of websites. We get your “opt in” ads places on these sites. When a user sees your add, they complete a form requesting information and that information is then sent to you. You pay for each lead rather than for each impression.


These can be the cheapest way to get your brand out there. With banner networks we place your banner on websites across the internet. When the user clicks on your banner, they are sent to your website. This is different from PPC in that you are placing a graphic image on someone else’s website rather than a text link on a search engine.



Making sure your website is politically correct

There are two areas of compliance that our team focuses on. Standard compliance is making sure your website is built to the current standards that any web browser should understand. These areas include HTML, CSS, W3C. This area also makes sure you have a 'terms & conditions' and 'privacy' page that relate to your website and what you do.

The other area of compliance focuses on Section 508 and WCAG. Unless you are in the government sector, you may not have ever heard of these two terminologies as they focus on making sure that websites are Handicap Accessible. That means that if you are blind or deaf, you should be able to visit a website and be able to navigate it just as a person with full sight and hearing can. This compliance makes sure that screen readers can access your website and present the data in a format that makes sense to the visitor. Government websites are required to be Section 508 compliant. Non-Government websites are not, however there are cases of companies being taken to court because their websites were not compliant.


Words for everything

Whether you need content for your website, blog, newsletter, press release, or social media platforms; our content writers can create the content you need.

For website, blog, and press release content, our writers work alongside our SEO team to make sure that the content they are creating will get indexed with the search engines for the keywords relevant to the content.